Karen Brummans

Karen Brummans brings over 18 years of experience in the special education field to her classroom. Holding students to higher standards so that their opportunities for future success are increased is on the forefront of every classroom activity. Students with cognitive, emotional or physical challenges have to bring their "A Game" every day in order for this to happen. The creation of classroom curricula to help students attain these standards is her passion.

The use of technology integration in the classroom provides a nice amalgam of pushing higher standards and allowing students to showcase their best work. It is extremely important that students can present evidence of their learning in an age appropriate and professional manner. Technology becomes a game changer in this endeavor. It is her hope that you will find the content of these lessons helpful toward helping your students showcase their amazing accomplishments in your classroom.

Karen was the 2016 Teacher of the Year at Holland Public Schools, has presented at the The Michigan Association of Teachers of Children with Emotional Impairments (MATCEI) and is a Michigan Educator Voice Fellowship alumni.

Lessons by Karen